Lynn Drive Pet Motel and Dog Training

Obedience Training

A fun sport for all dogs! The sport originated in Germany. The dog "herds" big inflatable balls (instead of sheep!)  towards a goal under the direction of the handler.

Young, old, small, big, all dogs can play this game!

Watch here a video of Dixie during her latest trial, May 1, 2016,  going for her Excellent title (watch full screen):

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Obedience training will start outdoors in the summer/fall of 2017. Our indoor facility will be built later in the year. You will also have the possibility of board and train. We will train your dog while you are roaming the Black Hills!

Here is a fun example of what you can do with your dog (watch full screen): 


Information about the boarding facility and pricing will be posted here when we get closer to opening in  2017.

Check back soon!




Dog agility is a competitive sport where dog and handler run a timed obstacle course. Handlers direct their dogs to jump hurdles, run over ramps,  through tunnels, even run up a teeter totter (see-saw) and weave through a line of poles. Scoring is similar to equestrian show jumping. It is a sport that is wonderful to watch as a spectator as well.

Here is a video of Dixie during a training (watch full screen):